This year, 2017, Sumitomo Wiring System celebrates its 100th year in business. The company constantly strives to become ‘Global No.1’ in the wiring harness industry by putting in place its medium-term management plan called ‘Vision 2017’. It all began in February 1917 when Tokai Electric Wire Works started manufacturing and selling bare wires and shielded wires. In December of the same year it reorganized the works and founded Tokai Electric Wire Co. Ltd. In July 1931, the company joined Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable works, what is now Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, under a technology and capital alliance.

SWS encourages all employees to actively be committed to achieving the targets of Vision 2017 while underlining the importance in our working life at SWS to be a) a reliable person b) a person who can work globally and 3) a person who sets him / herself goals.

The global network now includes overseas sites in 30 countries and the company aims for further growth in emerging nations and expansion of both green and fuel-efficient cars.