Sews-Cabind scholarships for two students at Politecnico of Turin

This year, as part of CSR initiatives 2016-2017, SEWS-CABIND launched two scholarships at the Politecnico of Torino, Faculty of Engineering, for students graduating in Engineering Management and Electronic Engineering. A complex and fascinating topic, brilliantly teached at the Politecnico of Torino and center of continuous deepening in the research and development field in SEWS-CABIND, always looking for innovation and improvement of its products.

It has been a great success of participation, with thirty candidates eligible for winning the scholarship who applied, and an intense and difficult selection period.

The nominations have been evaluated by an Official Evaluation Committee, composed of Ms. Manganiello, Ms Miller and Prof. Piccinini (Professor of Electronic Engineering), which interviewed the candidates at the Politecnico, in person or, as some of them were studying abroad, via Skype. The criteria settled with the Politecnico were many and various, but the main indicators were three:

Out of the thirty candidates, the result of the evaluation brought to assign the two scholarships one to Ms Annarita Ranco (graduate in Electronic Engineering) and one to Giulia Ladisa (graduate in Engineering Management).

Both students are currently studying overseas, therefore, we asked them to make a Video Message to present themselves and say how they would use the scholarship awarded: a smart and direct way to know our young hopes for a better future, even if by web.

This has been a new CSR experience for SEWS-CABIND with the objective of contributing effectively to our local territory and supporting university study in our sector, which wanted to be and help in the difficult connection between the world of study and the working market.

So, it is a pleasure to share with you the video we have received from Ms Giulia Ladisa.