SEWS CABIND POLAND has held another successful FAMILY DAY on 6th July 2019 from 13:30 to 21:30. The eight-hour activity packed event was organized at the venue Amphitheater Pod Grojcem in Żywiec.

Activities started off at midmorning when more than 150 people, including many kids, took part in a plant tour of the Grunwaldzka site. In the Training Room, both the parents and their children had the possibility to join in a variety of competitions, such as: counting, image training, coloring, looking for the differences and multiplication table.

In the afternoon at the Amphitheater Pod Grojcem in Żywiec, at 16:00 we were honoured by a visit of the Mayor of Żywiec, Mr. Szlagor. Following that, the 3000 participants (employees with family members) enjoyed fun-filled experiences thanks to the many attractions, there was something on for everyone:

– photo mirror – funny pictures,
– inflatable climbing wall for kids,
– area for kids ( merry-go-round, swimming pool with balls),
– 4 ponies to ride,
– remote controlled cars,
– variety of games, competitions,
– train,
– mural painted by kids.

Two huge posters painted by children, which represent the cooperation of our countries having a common denominator, such as the wire harness, are now hanging on SEWS CABIND POLAND’S company’s walls, in order to celebrate the memorable moments spent together.

Well done to all involved in developing and managing this great result. Family days, as a CSR initiative, become a moment of bonding and connecting on a personal level, SEWS CABIND POLAND proves to be a family-friendly workplace.