Customers’ satisfaction and safety first are our priority

Company introduction

SEWS-CABIND MAROC S.A.S. is a Company specialized in electric wire harness and wire manufacturing. It has been on the Moroccan market since 2001 when the company, as part of SEWS CABIND, joined Sumitomo Electric Industries Group, one of the most prominent and long-standing Japanese Companies worldwide.

The headquarters of SEWS-CABIND MAROC is located in the Aïn Harrouda plant, which was inaugurated on December 2nd 2013; it lies just 17 km from historical Casablanca, the largest city and economic-business center of Morocco. Our guests fly into Casablanca’s International Airport Mohammed V.
SEWS-CABIND MAROC has three production sites: Aïn Harrouda, Berrechid and Aïn Sebâa, covering an area of 72 569 sq. m., where we are extremely proud to employ nearly 6.500 persons, most of whom are female employees. They are provided with a free shuttle bus service to travel safely to and from the workplace and we strive to successfully develop a diversity culture.

With the other Sumitomo Electric Group (SEG) sister companies established locally, more employees are hired than any other private company in Morocco – 23.200 circa – meaning SEG effectively contributes to the local community through job creation.
As a leading manufacturer of numerous types of wire harnesses for the automotive industry, we are a leading supplier for the European carmaker market, exporting production back to our Headquarters and respective clients in Spain and Italy.
In March 2013, we established SUMITOMO’s first wire factory production in Morocco at our Aïn Harrouda plant. It currently delivers automotive wires to four wire-harness factories of Sumitomo in Morocco, 20% of the production goes to SEWS CABIND and the remaining 80% to our sister company SEWS-E.

Managment Policy

  • Safety and Quality, with no compromises.
  • Customer satisfaction based on best SEQCDD (Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Research & Development).
  • Zero accidents, firmly committed to constantly achieving this objective.
  • Team spirit, communication and relationships based on trust
  • Training and self-achievement, employees’ continuous development and heightened sense of belonging.

Our Certification

Strongly commitment to the highest international standards in Quality, Environment and Safety, our Company has:

  • IATF 16949:2016
  • ISO45001

Enviroment focus

SEI dedicated a special feature in its CSR reporting to the Aïn Harrouda plant for having had installed and operative since 2013 the Sumitomo Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) System. It uses optical lenses to concentrate sunlight hundreds of times into high-efficiency compound semiconductor cells. The conversion ratio of sunlight to electricity of CPV panel – 30% – is 2 times more than traditional silicon PV system ones – 14,65%.

Work with us

Working at SEWS CABIND MAROC means being a part of a dynamic, international environment. As one of the country’s prominent
employers, we are committed to investing in our workforce so that our people have the right skills and a healthy culture in which to thrive.
We are always seeking talented and enthusiastic people to join our team either now or in the future so send us your CV and our HR team
will consider your application.

Our Clients

Head Office& Production Plant

Ain Harrouda Plant
Zone Industrielle Ahmed Ben Ichou Km 9
Route de Rabat, 28632 Ain Harrouda
Mohammedia – BP130 – Morocco

Production Plant

Ain Sebaa
BD Chefchaouni Route 110
Téléphone 05 22 67 69 00
Fax 005 22 – 67 – 38

Production Plant

Route Marrakech-Rue AL Adarissa
Z.I. Berrechid, Morocco
Téléphone 05 22 53 58 00
Fax 05 22 – 32 – 63