Create business value

Primary vision of SEWS-CABIND is to create business value, increasing the company’s competitiveness in the automotive market, offering the best product and a high level of service in order to consistently meet the needs of the customer.

The goal is pursued through continuous efforts in terms of:

  • development capacity, production and constant improvement of the product, to meet and satisfy the customer’s requirement in a flexible and economical way;
  • development of human resources to systematically increase the skills and motivation of workers;
  • promotion preventing the occurrence, repetition and propagation of quality issues;
  • comply with requirement and continually improvement of the Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001 and ISO TS models.

Competences and Responsabilities

In order to meet the needs of the automotive market, which increasingly calls for companies that can compete in the global market and demonstrate genuine desire for innovation in all production processes, the management of SEWS-CABIND S.p.a. has decided to develop and implement its own Group Quality System.

Factor of fundamental importance in this regard is a clear definition of competences and the personal responsibility of all locations so we may achieve the following fundamental recitals:

  • customer satisfaction remains the priority and the starting point for all company activities; in this regard new approaches will be encouraged to the problems in accordance with methodologies for continuous quality improvement that are WCM, Kaizen activities, HAI-Pro, Work compliance, if necessary, specific resources we will be dedicated and trained in order to propagate the concepts within the organization;
  • the involvement of the entire staff of all Plants, in the spirit of total quality, so that all may express their potential of intelligence and commitment, making always more efficient and proactive their work;
  • product and facility safety in order to minimize potential risks to employees , customers , consumers and the environment;
  • Preliminary identification of risk factors that could have a negative impact on the desired outcome and the necessary countermeasures.