Human resources

Human resources

SEWS-CABIND offers the opportunity to work in a challenging and intercultural context. Our staff develop projects in collaboration with colleagues from different countries and continents (Europe, US, Africa and Asia), which means they can acquire very distinct know-how and expertise.
Furthermore, our office environment gives you the chance to engage with who holds senior positions, to ask them for advice, because we believe that everyone must be deeply involved in operations and work hands-on.

Staff Training

Staff undergo continuous training that is often developed and delivered by top class experts who work globally. From foreign language courses, soft skills learning, team building, leadership, project management, to financial and economic analysis methods, our staff become exceptionally skilled, experienced and resourceful experts.

Some training courses are tailor made in order to be suitable for participants who come from different cultures.

Pika pika

We constantly keep under control how clean and tidy the work environment is as it directly influences the advancement of optimum performance.

Best practices

The following Best Practices are commonly on display in the offices in order to encourage pursuit during the work routine.

Seiri: To Tide up. To collect separately necessary and useless items, getting rid of the last ones.

Seiton: To maintain an appropriate order; define the appropriate methods in order to create order, to easily find the items needed, both for hygiene and pollution prevention proposes.

Seiso: To clean; Eliminating waste, spots, extraneous matters, and “verify”.

Seiketsu: To keep clean; to maintain a constant level of cleaning for hygiene and pollution prevention purposes; determining those methods and appropriate manners necessary to create a sense of order and to find the items needed.

Shitsuke: Discipline. The ability to adapt personal habits to rules and guidelines established.

Shukan: Habits. To regularly adopt the above rules so they may become natural behaviour.