Launch of the Salus per Aquam Project 2017

Anffas Torino Onlus: Launch of the Salus per Aquam Project 2017 thanks to the donations by SEWS-CABIND.

CSR 2016-17. Salus per Aquam Project was in a standstill for 6 months due to a lack of funds. Thanks to SEWS-CABIND donations, parents with children with disabilities can finally benefit from a WATSU therapy;  a movements and stretching sequences coordinated with breathing while supported and floated in warm water.

The collegue Alessandro Bissa proposed the project and together with Natasha Faye Miller, coordinator of CSR activities, participated to the launching session, enjoying personally of the this water bodywork.

“It was an incredibly moving experience, children reborn in the water thanks to the movements guided by experiences operators. They are very partecipative, they laugh and smile continuously. Parents told us that children had substantially improved their mobility thanks to the therapy. tells us Natasha Faye Miller.

Parents personally attending to the session, have learned some WATSU techniques and they can assist the operator during the experience. Parents have also expressed their sincere thanks for our donation that will give to the project one year life.