Family Day 2017

On Saturday 16 September SEWS CABIND S.p.A held its 3° Family Day: the multinational company established in Torino and owned by one of Japan’s most prominent industrial groups Sumitomo Electric Group, organized a day dedicated to all employees and their families.

A prominent player in the designing and production of wire harnesses’ business for the automotive sector, SEWS CABIND S.p.A’s philosophy includes contributing to improving society and the life of its personnel. Indeed, one of its principles is “offering better products through the development of better people”: for this reason also, the event’s top focus was wellness, enjoyment and entertainment for those who are part of the company, their families, the suppliers and clients.

More than 300 participants were therefore able to visit the company and gain a better understanding of the Japanese culture at the heart of the business. Thanks to workshops where you could learn the art of origami, shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and a demonstration of Kyudo, the ancient art of bow and arrow shooting as well as a photo ‘stand’ where you could dress up in traditional Japanese costumes and get a snap shot to take home.

The kids had turnkey enjoyment to choose from, they could attempt an 8-meter free climbing wall, jump around in a giant inflatable, face painting, play ping pong and even table football matches. A delicious Japanese Italian cuisine buffet served at lunch contributed to transforming the company’s front garden in a fun-packed experiential occasion.

Furthermore, the event focused on the important issue of ‘wellness’. A group of experts who practice in mental-physical health and wellbeing delivered an informative and practical workshop applying an approach that integrates relations, physical activity and nutrition to address for example how to keep correct posture and a well-balanced diet.

Endo san, the CEO of SEWS CABIND S.p.A, took part and expressed his immense satisfaction for the company’s excellent results and constant growth while reminding all present how determining the 400-year history roots of the Group we belong to are.

The Major of Collegno Francesco Casciano joining the festivities, said: «Collegno is so proud to have this Company here; it is part of a number of important multinationals who have their headquarters in this part of Piedmont. The infrastructure investments that we have carried out, the long-standing tradition of industrial operations and a convenient geolocation attract companies to our area; it is so close to the city of Turin and the industrial estate has great connections to the motorway, train and underground lines”

«Nowadays, Collegno is committed to eco-sustainable development projects that are essential for the quality of life for the future generations of its citizens. We are delighted to share this value with the top management of SEWS CABIND at such an exceptional occasion like Family Day».

«Collegno is a city dedicated to qualifying education, strengthening the sense of community, and placing first priority in its family and childcare policies. – concluded Casciano – The mission of a city that is inclusive, proactive and supportive can be carried out thanks to initiatives delivered by top-end private companies such as SEWS CABIND S.p.A.».

Throughout the kermesse, the event organizer, the Communications and CSR Specialist of SEWS CABIND S.p.A., Natasha Faye Miller, also awarded a number of prizes, from the raffle to winning the company car ‘Giulia’ for a week to the various winners of the sports competitions that were held during the day.