CSR Report 2015-2017

SOCIALsews. Contributing concretely to the community in which we operate.

Use our established CSR fund as donations in favor of non-profit associations, charities and institutions which develop and carry out projects aimed at social contribution and environmental preservation.

Our objective was to meet the challenge through fostering employee engagement so we set up an internal initiative. Using a specific template all employees were invited to present a non-profit association / charity that they believed worthwhile of receiving a donation from SEWS CABIND. An internal evaluation committee assessed proposals under a set criterion.
It was two-tier. The first being our local community and the second our own employees.

n.49 proposals were presented. With much pleasure we discovered that our colleagues have voluntary activity and charitable commitment at heart. The evaluation committee selected n.3 proposals that fully met the initiative’s criterion. Each received a monetary donation and a forth amount was donated to a charity that n.8 employees had proposed.