Sumitomo Spirit

SEWS-CABIND and Sumitomo

The most important points of the Sumitomo Spirit, implemented in the everyday actions of SEWS-CABIND, are enclosed and concentrated in the following business principles:


Sumitomo Spirit is based on MONJUIN SHIIGAKI, (The Aphorism of Monjuin) written by Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652), preserved throughout Sumitomo’s 400-year history. Composed of five articles it sets out rules that merchants should adopt whilst conducting business.




“do your sincere best, not only in business, but also in every aspect of your life”.

Originating from the preamble of Monjuin Shiigaki, it speaks of the importance of sincerity in all human endeavors. Banji-nissei is a pivotal teaching in the Sumitomo Spirit. Accordingly, Sumitomo personnel are expected to work not only to make money, but also to cultivate their character and grow into better human beings.



Shinyou – kakujitsu (Article 1 of the business principles)

The business Principles Article 1 emphasizes the importance of integrity; that is being worthy of the trust of others.
At present, the Sumitomo Electric Group deals with a range of stakeholders, from customers to shareholders, investors, employees and local communities. The commitment to fulfilling these stakeholders and society’s ever-increasing expectations is steadfast.
Under such circumstances, every person must carry out his/her daily activities not merely abiding by law and regulations, but with the conscious will to be worthy of the trust of society and respond to its expectations.



Fusu-furi (Article 2 of the business principles)

The principle conveys the importance of working proactively, pursuing profit by quickly and appropriately responding to changes in society and not being content with the status quo. At the same time, Article 2 emphasizes the importance of harmonizing business gains with the public interest and scorns reckless or careless actions in pursuit of easy gain.


SEWS-CABIND has a deep understanding and incorporates perfectly the Sumitomo Spirit, internalizing its principles and making them the ABC’s of its employees’ daily actions.

An extremely important assignment for Sumitomo Electric Group is to reach identical levels of quality and productivity all over the world, by implementing optimal production methods and “best practices”. The Sumitomo Philosophy requests all employees to strive to eliminate all failures and defects by pursuing quality and achieve zero claims. The Corporate principles are orientated to:

  • contributing to the global community through the success of its own business;
  • satisfying the customer through commercial activities of best quality;
  • building the future of the company with creativity and innovation;
  • keeping a firm company ethic based on reliability and trust;
  • promoting a positive and dynamic company culture that respects individuality.

Glorious Excellent Company

SEWS-CABIND has as its reference point the milestones of the philosophy leading every Company belonging to Sumitomo Electric Group, thus being a “Glorious Excellent Company”.

The philosophy of the Sumitomo Electric Group and its Growth Strategy – (Extracts from “Guidelines to be a Glorious Excellent Company – The Sumitomo Electric Group Philosophy and Basic Value Standards”) – establish that all the companies belonging to Sumitomo Electric Group have the target to become a “Glorious Excellent Company”.
The word “Glorious” expresses qualitative characteristics, such as a company trustworthiness in society, reputation, corporate culture, etc. Concisely, a Glorious Company is a company trusted and respected by society.
The word “Excellent” expresses the ideal state of a company in quantitative terms, that is, business performance. An Excellent Company is a company with excellent performance in sales, revenues, and profitability and the targets are defined in the Vision 2022.