The Group

SEWS-CABIND: Italy, Morocco, Poland and Albania

SEWS-CABIND GROUP is a Multinational Company whose headquarters are based near the city of Torino in the northwest of Italy. Our global leaders and customer business units operate from there.
We currently have three subsidiaries that run local production sites:

  • Morocco. SEWS-CABIND Maroc S.A.S. with production sites in Ain Harrouda (headquarters), Berrechid and Ain Sebaa.
  • Poland. SEWS-CABIND Poland sp.z.oo with production sites in Zywiec.
  • Albania. SEWS-CABIND Albania Sh.p.k, with production sites in Bathore Kamez, Tirana.

SEWS CABIND GROUP, a reputable global partner in the supply of wiring and components for the automotive sector.

  • 8 production plants and HQ in Italy
  • over 10.000 employees


SEWS-CABIND MAROC COMPANY is specialized in wire and wiring harness manufacturing and has been on the market since 2001 when it was established as a subsidiary of SEWS-CI. In 2013, it moved 30km from the former plant in Casablanca to the Ain Harrouda Plant in the neighboring city of Mohammedia where it established the Headquarters. Accordingly, the employees working in this plant have the longest years of service among all plants of the Sumitomo Electric Group in Morocco.

The company now runs three manufacturing sites and employs a total of 6340 employees, Aïn Harrouda – 2264, Berrechid – 2710 and Aïn Sebaâ – 1366. The finished products are delivered to the main customer FCA in an exceptional 3hour lead time.

The ratio of Men and Women is 17% to 83%! In general, our activity and growth benefits from experienced, long-serving employees with a strong sense of belonging. This is also the result of the outstanding human resource development programs and the internal career system offered by the Sumitomo Electric Group that has a noteworthy focus on women’s development. In fact, young women who join the company realize they can have goals, undergo extensive training and aim to develop their career.

As in all of SEWS-CABIND, we are deeply committed to CSR activities and each year we carry out a number of initiatives that our employees and families enthusiastically take part in. We always get a high attendance to Clean up day that reflects our commitment to low environmental impact. Indeed, the Aïn Harrouda plant is equipped with a concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system developed by Sumitomo Electric Group, that was featured on the CSR Eye feature of SEI.

Our employees undoubtedly embrace our guiding principles and strive as a dynamic force to maintain high quality standards, implement best practice and meet our customer’s requirements each time.


SEWS-CABIND POLAND COMPANY is specialized in wiring harness manufacturing and has been on the market since 2001, when the company joined the Sumitomo Group, one of the most prominent Japanese holdings worldwide. The headquarters is located in Zywiec; a picturesque city situated in the Zywiec valley, 90 km south-west of Cracow, the historical capital of Poland.

Following foundation in 2001 the company bought the Leśnianka plant in Żywiec. Business got off to a strong start and just two years later in 2003 the Grunwaldzka manufacturing site was rented. This plant underwent extension works in 2004 and in 2013 to meet our ever increasing customer demand.

The company now runs two wiring harness manufacturing sites, both in Zywiec, and employs around 1262 people, making it one of the largest regional employers. As a manufacturer of more than 900 types of wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, it is an important supplier for the European market. Our customers recognize our value added: high quality standards, rapid reaction to sudden changes in orders and participation at WCM project.

SEWS-CABIND Poland has an outstanding safety record: currently at 1846 days without an accident shows just how committed we are to the core value of Sumitomo Electric Group: safety first. Indeed in 2015 we received the Silver Award for “zero accident “ from the Group.

As in all of SEWS-CABIND, we are deeply committed to CSR activities and each year we carry out a number of initiatives that our employees and families enthusiastically take part in. One of the most heartfelt is world clean up that we have been doing since 2012, we also regularly hold open days and family days when the kids get to experience where their parents spend their working life and enjoy themselves with games and entertainment.

Our company strives to foster harmonious, lasting relations with the society where it operates in order to effectively contribute to overall growth.


SEWS CABIND Albania SHPK (SEWS-CA) is specialized in wire harness manufacturing and has been fully operative since the end of FY2020.

Founded as a new company of Sumitomo Electric Group, www.sumitomoelectric.com , in August 2019, its preliminary activities got underway on October 2019 and since then SEWS CABIND Albania has been steadily growing. It currently employs about 600 persons and is gaining a reputation as a solid company on the territory.

To push its expansion in 2021, SEWS CA has opened and started some new production lines in its second production plant, the aim is to reach 1000 employees in the near future.

SEWS-CABIND Albania has become the first and the largest wire harnessing Manufacturing Company in the area of Tirana and will focus on applying lean manufacturing principles.

The company aims to emerge as a point of interest for people leaving High School and graduating from University who are eager to develop expertise in the industrial sector.

SEWS CA shall mainly produce wire harnessing for current and future projects of our clients, thus supporting all the other manufacturing sites of  SEWS CABIND Group in the development of our business.

As all SEWS-CABIND companies, they are committed to concretely adopting SEG’s principles not only in terms of Manufacturing processes but also in creating the new Team with Sumitomo Spirit right from the beginning. They will strive to be an integrated part of the local community, assisting its growth within a mutually harmonious relationship.

SEWS CABIND ALBANIA, safety first!