Sumitomo Electric Group

SEWS-CABIND is owned by Sumitomo Group through holdings of the multinational companies Sumitomo Wiring System Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.


To support life and society on a global basis, the company provides products and technologies in five business segments.

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Materials
  • Infocommunications
  • Environment & Energy

Taking advantage of its strength in these five segments, the company is now taking a step forward towards a completely new field: Responding to new social needs. It was established in April 1897 and since the Company’s foundation, SEG has strived to extend its expertise in copper wire production to the development of proprietary technologies and new businesses. Globally it now has circa 250.300 employees, operates in 40 countries and has about 390 subsidiaries and affiliates.


Develops, designs and manufactures wiring harnesses, harness components and other electric wires and is the productive heart of the Sumitomo Harness business segment.

It was founded in December 1917 when the Tokai Electric Wire Works was registered to manufacture and sell bare wires and shielded wires.

Since the foundation, SWS has strived to provide excellent products and services that are socially useful and safe to satisfy customers in all aspects including quality and costs.

It always searches for improvements in manufacturing processes.

SEWS-CABIND operates in the automotive business segment of SEG designing and producing wiring harnesses that transmit electric power and information to various points in an automobile.

Innovation & Advanced Technology

Sumitomo Electric Group has a broad technical know-how excellence: a skill through which it produces an extensive range of products and materials. The company strives to create new value in terms of materials, systems and solutions through a process of constant innovation. The vision is to achieve steady growth in sectors where it currently operates, to expand on integrated markets, take on new ones and strengthen its leadership role in technology.

The company has centers, laboratories and utilities all over the world, which deal with R&D for the development and finalization of materials, systems and solutions for the various business sectors in which it operates.

Strengthen technological leadership

The growth of its leadership is a goal toward which SEI is projected, focusing on the business areas that are essentials for the society we live in, and in particular in relation to three specific areas: “mobility” (automotive), “energy” and “communication” (ICT). Moreover, regarding the ”environment and infrastructure” and the new two areas of interest concerning the “science of life and resources”, SEG has two targets: on the one hand to create values both in terms of materials and systems and on the other hand to distribute them globally, through the constant implementation of innovative solutions.

Vision 2017

The growth strategy of VISION 2017 by SEI is based on business innovation. This means, achieving creative innovation, generated by a strategy that identifies the new social needs that are likely to be developed in the future, and to anticipate them.