Come to work Safely and return home Safely

“Come to work Safely and return home Safely”, also in FY 2018 President Kawai of SWS underlines the highly important watchword of the company. Please take time to carefully read this message and take on board its fundamental advice.

FY 2018 Safety Message from President Kawai

Good morning, everyone. Safety First. I’m President Kawai.

Today, as the start of fiscal 2018, I would like to tell you about the safety by nreviewing the last fiscal year in order to implement “Safety is our top priority.”
We had 24 industrial accidents in fiscal 2017, 4 more cases (*) than the previous fiscal year. Bone fractures due to tumbling, cut wound or clamping by equipment,etc. are still included in those accidents, and the countermeasures for them are indispensable to achieve zero accidents.
FY 2018 is the start of 22V and I would like you to work on three actions below as activities for achieving zero accidents of 22V.

The first one is “ establishment of safe workplace by promoting 3S + 3D (Designate-position, Designate-materials and Designate-quantity approach).” According to accidents that occurred in fiscal 2017, industrial accidents by tumbling are still included and, in many cases, the cause of those accidents is the unsafe condition at the workplace. In order to prevent those accidents, I would like you to promote “ 3S (Sorting, Set-in-order and Shining) ” and “ 3D (Designate-position, Designate-materials and Designate-quantity) ” and to establish the safe workplace.

The second one is “ prevention of equipment accidents by thoroughly implementing switch/power OFF.” In fiscal 2017, industrial accidents also occurred such as fingers were caught or cut in the machine during maintenance work including repairing. These accidents were caused because the basic principle for maintenance work “turn power off, use protective device and observe the procedure” was not followed although it had
been requested since before. In particular, the biggest cause is that the power was not turned off. Please be sure turn the switch / power off, and prevent accidents due to equipment.

The third one is “prevention of accidents by thorough safety activities.” I know that you had already promoted various safety activities but, unfortunately, there are insufficient points to firmly establish awareness of safety in every single mind. Safety in the workplace cannot be realized without accumulation of safety activities by every single employee. Including the matters I mentioned here today, please reconfirm and thoroughly conduct the safety activities that you had done before, and try to firmly establish the awareness of safety in all of your minds.
I hope that all of you conduct these three activities, observe the rule “stop, call and wait” when a problem occurs and achieve zero accidents.

In addition, I would like you to prevent accidents caused by outside contractors. Industrial accidents that outside contractors suffer are getting to be seen here and there, and the countermeasures are imperative. The work consigned to outside contractors is hazardous in many cases and they suffer severe damages once an accident occurs. Thus, we must fully understand the contents of the consigned work and possible risks and manage the implementation.

I would like to tell you about health also. SWS Group is aiming to be “a company which has rewarding and stimulating working environment” and I believe that each of you must be healthy to achieve this goal. Please control your own health initiatively and to make the cheerful and comfortable working environment with active communication.

As the final request, I need to state preparations for natural disasters. Measures for natural disasters including huge earthquakes have been requested, but recently, other than earthquakes, damages due to abnormal weather such as heavy rain and snow occur in many places in Japan and other countries.

Please keep in mind to be always ready for such natural disasters so that quick and secure actions can be taken anytime needed.

I hope that you bear what I mentioned above in mind and work on the safety and health activities involving all employees at individual workplaces under the watchword “Come to work safely and return home safely” also in fiscal 2018.

Safety First.

(*) Data as of March 16