Our Identity

The Sumitomo Spirit, based on Monjuin Shiigaki (The Aphorisms of Monjuin) of Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652), the founding father of the house Sumitomo, has been preserved over the last 400 years of Sumitomo history.


Company and Products

The SEWS-CABIND Group is a multinational company with headquarters in Collegno, near Turin. The offices centralize all corporate functions and business units dedicated to the customer. In addition to the top management, in Italy design and product development operations are carried out.

The Group is part of the Sumitomo Electric Group, whose deeply shared values ​​and philosophy such as “best product development through the development of better people” are at the center of business activities.


Wiring Harnesses

The SEWS-CABIND core business is focused on the development and production of wiring harnesses for heavy and light industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, automobiles, construction machinery and forklifts. The wirings inside a vehicle can be compared to the nervous system of a human being, transmitting the electrical signals that allow the exchange of information between the vehicle devices.

Occupational safety, morale and welfare of workers, attention to environmental impact and maximum quality are the pillars of the Group’s manufacturing.


SEWS CABIND from Wiring Harnesses to single components, we strive to become a strategic system supplier in the electrical and electronics automotive business.

Work with us

Enter in SEWS-CABIND and join the great house of Sumitomo Electric Group, a dynamic World dedicated to innovative technology, safety, self-realization, innovative understanding and challenging growth in business fields. Share your CV with us and get updates on open positions that fit your ambitions.